Multisensory means engaging more than one sense at a time. You see it, you say it, you touch it and you move with it. Using multisensory activities in your reading lessons makes learning fun and memorable. On today’s post I am going to share with you a fun and active multisensory reading activity that involves tossing a beach ball back and forth.

Materials Needed

For this multisensory reading activity you only need 2 items: 

  • a cheap blow up beach ball
  • permanent marker

Getting Started

This multisensory reading activity is perfect for getting kids out of their seats and practicing their literacy skills. Play it in a small group or in your literacy centers or just play it 1:1 with your student.  

The first thing you need to do is decide whether you want letters or words written on your beach ball. I have listed some options for you below.  

After you have your letters or words written on the ball, you are ready to play!

 How to Play

Toss the ball to a student. The student will look at the word under the right thumb after catching the ball and reads the word aloud. The student then tosses the ball to a person in the group who does the same thing. Keep playing until all the words have been read or until the student gets tired.

Do you want to watch a short video with Ms. Renee on how to make and play this multisensory reading activity?  Watch it here:


More Options with this Multisensory Reading Activity

Alphabet Beach Ball:

Write the letters of the alphabet on the beach ball. Toss the ball and whichever letter your thumb lands on you have to say that letter and sound.  

Sight Words:

Cover the ball with sight words and throw it around the group. Whichever word your thumb lands on you have to read the word aloud. Mix it up by asking the student to use the word in a sentence. You can also have your student close his or her eyes and then spell the word.

Rhyme Time:

Write simple words on the beach ball, then toss or roll it to a student. Whichever word your thumb lands on you have to say a word that rhymes with it. For example: bee – tree.

I Have a Resource for You!

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Do you use multisensory reading activities with your children? Please share in the comments below.

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