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Are you looking to add some movement and energy into your Orton-Gillingham and phonics lessons? On today’s post, I am going to share with you a fun and active phonics game using a fly swatter and index cards.  This multisensory phonics activity will help your student quickly recognize and learn any phonics concept that you are working on and can be used in your homeschool or in your classroom literacy centers.

Getting Started:

For this phonics game, you will need:

  1. Index Cards
  2. Black Marker
  3. Fly Swatter

How to Make It

With the black marker, write your letters or phonemes on the index cards.  This will work with any phonics concept and any reading level that you are working on.  

Here are some examples that I put together for you to pick from….

Alphabet Recognition:

Write each letter of the alphabet in lowercase letters on each index card

Initial  Blends:

Write the following words on each index card

slam drop slash brag scab swum grad clam spin drat stun snip trot stop clip fled flat slop

Magic e/ Long Vowels:

Write the following words on each index card

pane bake cube note paste file wake rule robe nine rode time vote ate pine side tape mile

ai Words:

Write the following words on each index card

bail fail paid rain rail tail Spain paint braid wail brain wait taint train plain gain gait drain

oo Words:

Write the following words on each index card

bloom shoot boost droop doom tool root scoop coo zoo smooth roost tooth troop pool moon

dge Words:

Write the following words on each index card

budge ridge bridge ledge nudge smudge grudge judge pledge lodge fudge trudge

How to Play

After you have written the letters or words that your student is learning on each index card, place the cards out on a table or floor.  Place the cards word side up and well spaced out.  The child must find the word among the cards that you call out and then “splat” the word with the fly swatter while repeating the word.  

The child then gets to keep that card.  Keep playing until there are no cards left.

For younger children first starting out, begin with just five cards and slowly build up to more cards.

Ms. Renee will show you how the Fly Swatter Phonics Game is made and played here on this video.

Variations on this Game

The teacher can call out two and eventually even three or four words.  The child then has to “splat” each of the cards in the order that they were called.  This helps the student build speed in recognizing the words.

The teacher uses the fly swatter to “splat” a card and the child responds by naming that word.

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