Once your student has learned initial blends in words (flag, brim, snip, drop), it is time to introduce your student to final blends. Final Blends are the 2 consonant letters at the end of a word that each make their own sound. Some examples of final blends are lamp, must, band and taskOn today’s post I am going to share with you a really great initial and final blends game that you can make yourself, and it will really help your student practice reading words with initial and final blends.

Materials Needed

A large plastic cup 

28 large craft sticks (or cut up strips of cardboard/index cards)

Black and Red Sharpie

 How to Make It

On 3 of the craft sticks, write the word BLUSH with the red sharpie.

On the remaining craft sticks, write the following words with the black sharpie:

twist crust blunt thrust trash
swift stump spent grand blond
slump craft clump spilt brunch
frost brush print crept grump
crush trend blast drift trust

How to Play this Blends Reading Game


Place all the sticks in the cup. Have the students sit in a circle.  

One at a time, the students hold the cup, close their eyes and pull out a stick. The student then reads the word on the stick. The student gets to keep the stick that they read.  

When a student chooses a stick with BLUSH on it, the student has to return all of their sticks back to the cup.  

Continue passing the cup to the next student and keep playing until all the sticks are gone. The student with the most sticks is the winner.

You can also add sticks that say:

  • Skip a turn
  • You get 2 turns
  • Lose a turn
  • Take a peek

This makes a really good classroom center activity!

But…If you are playing this game with just one student, you can take turns with just the two of you. That will work just as well.  


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