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Learning beginning blends can be a lot of fun if you connect the learning to the real world.  On today’s post I am going to share a game with you that will make your kids grasp those beginning blends very quickly.  If your child loves scavenger hunts  then this is the perfect  game for you!

Getting Started

Materials Needed:

  • Black Marker
  • Basket
  • Index Cards
  • Timer

How to Make It

Write one consonant blend per index card.  Some suggestions that I use for beginning blends are: bl, cl, fl, pl, sl, sc, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, tr, gr, dr, cr, br.  

How to Play It

Step 1:

First, give your child one of the index cards that you made.  Help your child sound out the blend. Together with your child, come up with some suggestions of words that the blend makes.  Here are some suggestions if you get stumped:

Br: brown, broccoli, brush, bread, broom, bridge, brother, bracelet, branch, brass, bran

Cr: cream, crumb, crate, crib, crab, crystal, crunch, craft, crocodile, crack, crown, crane

Dr: drum, drink, dragon, dress, drive, dry, draw, drill, droop, drown, drip, drowsy, dream

Gr: grapes, grass, grub, bravy, grocery, grab, ground, group, granite, green, great, grade

Tr: triangle, trap, treasure, tree, truck, train, tray, trolley, trot, trout, trailer, trampoline

Sw: sweet, swim, swan, sway, swift, swing, sweep, swan, swallow, swarm, swamp

St: star, stamp, storm, sting, steak, stair, sticker, story, stake, student, stop, stack, store

Sp: speak, spark, sponge, sport, spoon, spun, spinach, spine, spend, speech, special

Sn: snip, snail, sneeze, snug, snack, snorkel, snowflake, sniff, snap, snow, snake

Sm: smug, smart, smudge, smoke, small, smear, smooth, smell, smile, smash, smirk

Sc: scarf, score, scary, scarecrow, sculpture, scarlet, scab, scale, scoop, scamper

Sl: sleep, slippers, slim, sloth, sleigh, slender, sleek, slippery, slow, slug, slime, slice

Pl: planet, plane, plant, plum, plug, plate, plural, pluck, play, plain, place, pleasant

Fl: flame, flap, flash, fly, flood, flower, floss, flag, flip, flop, flute, flu, flour, float, flake

Cl: clay, clue, clean, clever, click, clarinet, class, clump, close, cluck, climb, clock, cloud

Bl: blanket, blouse, black, blob, blazer, blueberries, blossom, blender, blocks, blonde

Step 2:

Next, give your child the basket.  Tell your child that he has 5 minutes to find as many objects as possible with the blend that you just gave him.  He can put the objects in the basket.


Step 3:

Finally, when the 5 minutes are up, you and your child can go through the objects in the basket.  Play another round if you like, or you can play one round a day. To make the game more challenging, give your child a few blends to use on the scavenger hunt.  You can also make this  game work for any other skills you might currently be working on.


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