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Want a fun multisensory alphabet activity to help your student with letter recognition and also develop letter writing skills? On today’s post, I am going to share with you an Alphabet Q-Tip Letter Activity that is so easy to put together and your student will love it. 

Getting Started:

For this alphabet activity you will need the following items:

  1. White board
  2. White board markers
  3. Q-Tips

How to Make It

I start out by writing several letters of the alphabet in lowercase letters on the whiteboard. I only write down the letters that the student has already learned or focus on letters that I want the student to practice.

How to Use it

I give my student a Q-Tip.

I call out a letter sound. For example, I say /p/.  My student has to find the letter p on the white board and then erase it with the Q-Tip. 

I encourage my student to erase the letter exactly as we write the letter. This gives my student some extra practice writing the letters with the correct strokes.

As the student writes over the letter, it gets erased.

You can strategically pick out letters that are difficult for your student or letters which might confuse them such as b’s and d’s.  

You can also switch things up by calling out the letter names, instead of the letter sounds.  

Do you want to see this Alphabet Activity in Action?

Watch our favorite Teacher, Miss Renee demonstrate this alphabet activity for you.



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