With school closures amid the Covid-19 outbreak in the United States, teachers, districts, and tutors are struggling to find a curriculum to teach students online. If you have students that need an Orton-Gillingham program that can be delivered online and you need to get up and start teaching fast, the PRIDE Reading Program Online is here for you. 

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The PRIDE Reading Program is the easiest to use Orton-Gillingham Online Structured Literacy curriculum. This Orton-Gillingham Online curriculum uses engaging, multisensory methods to teach reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension to struggling students.

PRIDE’s easy to follow, 100% scripted and lesson planned, step-by-step Online Teaching Guide will walk instructors through each skill and how to teach it, making this curriculum ideal for schools and districts that need to quickly and inexpensively implement an Orton-Gillingham Online Program.

With the PRIDE Reading Program Online, you will have access to our online resources pages with interactive Sound Cards, Letter Tiles, and our Blending Drills. With a platform like Zoom on a Mac or PC, you will be able to give your students mouse control of the page so you can watch and interact with them as they build words and work on their phonemic awareness exercises.

Teachers do not have to develop any lesson plans or do any preparation. Everything in this program is laid out for the teachers step-by-step and includes FREE training.

If you would like more information about the PRIDE Reading Program Online, please check out:

The PRIDE Reading Program




Karina Richland, M.A., is the author of the PRIDE Reading Program, a multisensory Orton-Gillingham reading, writing and comprehension curriculum that is available worldwide for parents, tutors, teachers and homeschoolers of struggling readers. Karina has an extensive background in working with students of all ages and various learning modalities. She has spent many years researching learning differences and differentiated teaching practices. You can reach her by email at info@pridereadingprogram.com or visit the website at www.pridereadingprogram.com