What is the Silent E Rule?

If you add the suffix ing to a base word ending in silent e, you will drop the e and add ing to make a new word. This is called the Silent E Rule. For example:

Drive + ing = Driving

Ride + ing = Riding

Love + ing = Loving

Hide + ing = Hiding

The Silent E Rule Trick

Here is the Silent E Rule trick in action. Watch our favorite teacher, Miss Renee demonstrate how to teach it:

How to Make it:

For this Silent E Rule activity you will need:

  • 1 Whiteboard or a piece of paper
  • Popsicle/Craft Sticks

First, write “ing” on the popsicle sticks. Feel free to have your students decorate or color them for more fun!

Next, write the root word (or words) on the whiteboard that the students will be practicing. Here are some root words you can use to get started:


write hope come have make
use change manage shave joke
type slide bounce choose judge
debate vote skate smile race


How to Use the Silent E Rule Activity

You will have your student first read the root word provided by you on the whiteboard or piece of paper. Then you will have your student take the popsicle stick and place it over the silent -e to create a new word.

This activity will work really well 1:1 or in small groups in a classroom literacy center. You can have students work with partners as well.

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More Options for Silent E

You can also write the words with the ing added on the whiteboard and ask the student to write the words without – ing. For example:

waking – wake

being – be

dining – dine

shaking – shake


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