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PRIDE Reading Program is excited to announce that the Lake and Peninsula School District has implemented PRIDE’s structured literacy approach for students with dyslexia and specific learning disabilities. As this rural Alaskan district works towards achieving the goals of the newly-announced Alaska Reads Act, the PRIDE Reading Program curriculum will help address the specific needs of the district’s struggling readers.


The Lake and Peninsula School District serves students across 400 miles of the Alaskan Peninsula. That’s one school district for an area the size of West Virginia! In addition, LSPD has 358 students in grades K-12, with a student-teacher ratio of 7 to 1. This unique district is committed to developing productive citizens who are positive role models, self-directed learners, college and/or career ready, and resilient. Partnering with PRIDE Reading Program is  a step towards achieving this vision for all students.

PRIDE Reading Program is an evidence-based method designed to help children with dyslexia, auditory processing, and other learning differences become strong, confident readers. The curriculum is structured, sequential, multisensory and cumulative. Many school districts across the United States are using the PRIDE Reading Program structured literacy curriculum with great success.

Interested in learning more about what the Orton-Gillingham method is, and why it works? Check out our free course:


For more information on Orton-Gillingham, Structured Literacy curriculum for your school district, please contact the PRIDE Reading Program at 866-774-3342 ext. 2.


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