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Finding your child’s reading level is really important because books that are too easy can become boring to read and books that are too difficult can become really frustrating. This really defeats the purpose of reading for fun.  How do you find your child’s reading level? You use what is called the 5 finger rule. It is so easy! On today’s post, I will share with you this easy trick that will help you find your child’s reading level.

Use the 5 Finger Reading Level Trick


Have your child pick out a book that they really want to read and that interests them.  


Ask your child to turn to a random page in the book and start reading it.  


While your child is reading the page, you will make a fist and hold that fist behind your back.  For every word that your child doesn’t know, you will hold up a finger.  


If you have 5 or more fingers up by the end of the page, the book is most likely too difficult for him or her to read independently. 

Do you let your child know that you are doing this?  I wouldn’t. It is pretty discouraging for a child to see themselves struggling with a book.  I usually stop the child when they get to 5 fingers and encourage them gently to pick out a different book.

Also,  If your child misreads names of people or places, especially when reading non fiction, you might let these slide.  I never count these as errors.   


You can use the following guidelines to determine your child’s reading level:

0-1: Too easy for your child

2: A good choice for independent and pleasure reading

3: Your child might need some help, but still a good choice for independent reading

4:  This might be difficult for your child to read on their own.  

5: A bit too advanced.  Try a different book

Here is a Short Video…

On my YouTube Channel “Literacy Lunch” – I made a tutorial that you can watch that explains the 5 finger rule and How to find your Child’s Reading Level in more detail.  You can watch it HERE:

>>>CLICK HERE<<< to watch “How to Find Your Child’s Reading Level” video (it is only 3 minutes long)

In Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my post today!  And while you are here…

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