Hill Country Homestead Reviews the PRIDE Reading Program

Jessica from Hill Country Homestead just gave us the most wonderful review! Here are a couple highlights.

This Montessori homeschooling mama of five offers a great perspective of how the PRIDE Reading Program complements her educational approach.

“… As an educator, I would highly recommend this curriculum and its concrete materials for home and in the classroom setting, even a Montessori classroom. It’s that good. This curriculum crosses barriers I haven’t seen before in a reading curriculum and I’m looking forward to using these materials long term for my three upcoming readers!”

Additionally, Jessica reviews PRIDE Reading Program’s Activity Kit from a Montessori perspective, explaining that:

“The PRIDE activity kit models a modern version of Maria Montessori’s chalkboard work and serves the same direct aim of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in writing. Taking the child’s phonetic reading lesson and prompting them to practice writing it down teaches memory via the hand. Prompting the child to learn a lightness of action within the limits of handwriting is important to introduce alongside reading. Having these tools included in our PRIDE Reading Kit made reading lessons easy, more engaging, and truly enjoyable for myself and my child.”

Now that you’ve had a preview of Jessica’s story, you can read the full review by clicking on this link >>>HERE:



If you’d like to learn more about the approach that makes PRIDE Reading Program so effective, check out our free Orton-Gillingham Introduction Course:

Before you go, take some time to learn more about the PRIDE Reading Program. PRIDE is a structured literacy curriculum used by teachers, tutors, and homeschooling parents worldwide with great success.

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