I love to play games with my kids. Games are such a great way to motivate and reward kids for good behavior and also create nice family bonding time. I have learned over the years, which games work best for my ADHD kids. If the game is too complicated, my kids get frustrated. If the game is too high-tech, my kids get overstimulated. On today’s post, I am going to share with you the 5 best games to play with ADHD kids and why you should play them.


1. The Memory Game

Attention and Focus

This game is so simple, yet so powerful. It really helps kids with ADHD increase their attention span and memory. The memory cards are placed face down. The first player picks up 2 cards trying to make a match. If the cards do not match, then the player has to put it back face down. The kids have to focus on the
cards at all times, in order to remember where the card was placed. Whoever gets the most matches wins the game. Can you see how this game really builds concentration and focus?


2. Chutes and Ladders

Dealing with Success and Failure

This game is not only a lot of fun to play but also builds in some valuable lessons on anticipating success and dealing with failure. The objective of the game is to move the players along a path towards the top of the game board. On the way, there are ladders to climb (that is the success part) and chutes to slide down (the failure part). The kids get frustrated with they have to slide down the chute but they quickly learn that a ladder isn’t far away. Failures lead to success – great life lessons to learn in this game.


3. Hoot Owl Hoot

Improving Executive Functioning Skills

This game is all about team building. The object of Hoot Owl Hoot is to help all the owls get home to their nests before the sun comes up. It is a race against the sun. The players take turns picking cards and have to make decisions about what moves they need to make. There is reasoning behind each move so as you can see, executive functioning skills are practiced throughout the game.


4. Battleship

Strategizing and Planning

Battleship is a strategy board game where one player has to try to sink the other player’s ships. This board game is so great for ADHD kids because it really teaches them logical thinking and reasoning skills. I also like how it introduces them to grids and coordinates which ties in some math skills too.


5. Hedbanz

Social Skills and Communications

Hedbanz is such a great board game for practicing social skills. One player picks a card and puts it on his or her headband and then asks the other player yes and no questions trying to figure out who they are. You can see how kids have to communicate and really practice social skills with their partners by coming up with questions that will lead to answers plus practicing creative critical thinking skills at the same time.


In Summary…

These are really the 5 best games for ADHD kids. Important skills like memory, focus, strategizing, communicating, executive functioning and social skills are practiced in each of these fun and highly motivating board games. For your convenience, I have attached product links to the pictures and game titles.


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Thank you so much for reading my post today!


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