Using PRIDE With an Older Reader: A Review from Different By Design Learning

Shawna, the homeschooling mom behind Different By Design Learning, has spent years creating a fantastic blog for parents of struggling readers. Recently, she had the opportunity to try out PRIDE’s homeschool curriculum with her son, who wasn’t a huge fan of the reading curriculum they were using. Here are some highlights of the review from Different By Design Learning:

When my son turned ten years old, it felt like we had run out of any really good options for helping him learn to read.

“This is for babies!” became an almost daily complaint in our homeschool.

After trying out PRIDE Reading Program, Shawna (and her discerning reader) created this list of things they love about PRIDE:

1. The activities and games use dice and general game boards – there were no little, fluffy animals or cartoonish characters in the entire Level 2 book…

2. The reading passages are topically neutral. For example, “A snake is a reptile,” is a much more appealing practice sentence for a teenage boy than “The girls were playing jacks outside.”

3. The level of multi-sensory practice continues through all levels in the program, rather than tapering off as the child learning and progresses. (Older kiddos needs multi-sensory learning, too!)

4. My son didn’t call it babyish once (a ringing endorsement from an expert in trying out new reading programs, to be sure). 

Now that you’ve had a preview of Shawna’s story, you can read the full review by clicking on this link


If you’d like to learn more about the approach that makes PRIDE Reading Program so effective, check out our free Orton-Gillingham Introduction Course:

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Before you go, take some time to learn more about the PRIDE Reading Program. PRIDE is a structured literacy curriculum used by teachers, tutors, and homeschooling parents worldwide with great success.

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