PRIDE Program Placement

The PRIDE Program Placement will help determine where your student should begin in the program. The placement level is not correlated to grade level. This placement supports all PRIDE Reading Program levels from Beginning Consonants to the Blue Book.

During this placement, you will dictate sounds and words to your student. Other times your student will read letters and words from your screen.

Materials Needed:
You and your student will need a piece of paper and pen for writing.

Try not to help your student with sound prompts or clues! We are looking for their natural reading and spelling level to place them in the program. 

We always recommend placing your student in Beginning Consonants – Red Book 3 no matter what age or grade they are. If your student has already had PRIDE or Orton-Gillingham tutoring and you believe they might be able to start in Books 4 or 5, please look at our Scope & Sequence below to determine where you believe your student is best placed or download our PRIDE Comprehensive Reading Assessment for a more detailed placement in the program.  

pdf file

PRIDE Comprehensive Reading Assessment

pdf file

Scope & sequence

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