Buena Park, CA, PRIDE Reading Program, a leading provider of evidence-based literacy curriculum, is thrilled to announce its partnership with the prestigious Buena Park School District (BPSD). BPSD, renowned for its unwavering dedication to inspiring and nurturing student achievement, has chosen PRIDE Reading Program to elevate literacy education across the entire school district.

PRIDE Reading Program’s reputation is built on its structured literacy curriculum, deeply rooted in the Orton-Gillingham method and aligned with the Science of Reading. This research-backed approach has consistently proven its effectiveness in addressing the diverse learning needs of students, including those facing reading challenges.

Buena Park School District, an institution committed to equipping students with the skills needed for academic excellence and personal growth, has embraced this partnership with PRIDE Reading Program to achieve the following goals:

  • Empowering All Learners: PRIDE’s specialized curriculum offers tailored support to students of varying abilities, including those encountering reading difficulties. Through engaging multisensory methods, PRIDE fosters a comprehensive grasp of reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension.
  • Elevating Literacy Education: PRIDE’s curriculum is rooted in empirical research and the latest developments in literacy education. By integrating this evidence-based approach, BPSD aims to provide students with a solid foundation in literacy that will serve them throughout their academic journey.

Karina Richland, Co-Founder and Curriculum Developer at PRIDE Reading Program, expressed her enthusiasm about this impactful partnership, stating, “At PRIDE Reading Program, we believe in the transformative power of literacy. Our collaboration with Buena Park School District aligns perfectly with their mission to inspire and ignite high achievement in all students.”

PRIDE Reading Program is honored to stand alongside Buena Park School District as they continue their mission to inspire, ignite, and elevate student success throughout the district.

This partnership reflects PRIDE Reading Program’s unwavering commitment to advancing literacy education and empowering students to unlock their full potential. Together with Buena Park School District, PRIDE is poised to make a profound and lasting impact on the educational landscape of the district.

For more information about PRIDE Reading Program and its comprehensive structured literacy curriculum, please visit www.PRIDEReadingProgram.com.


About PRIDE Reading Program:

PRIDE Reading Program is a leading provider of Orton-Gillingham structured literacy curriculum, designed to empower learners of all ages, including those with dyslexia and other learning differences. The program’s user-friendly, inclusive approach to literacy education has transformed lives by fostering reading success.

About Buena Park School District:

Buena Park School District is dedicated to inspiring and igniting all students to pursue high achievement. Their commitment to academic excellence and personal growth is evident in their unwavering mission to provide a top-tier education for every student in the district.


Are you looking to implement the PRIDE Reading Program into your school site? We are available to help you put together a school or district-wide implementation, including onsite teacher training, to help all of your students who need to learn differently. We can also help you set up a summer program or onsite learning centers. Contact us or call us today for more information at 866-774-3342 ext. 2.