The PRIDE Reading Program has announced that The Omega Learning Center in South Forsyth Georgia has a team of trained and certified tutors that can now work with those kids that need Orton-Gillingham tutoring.
The Orton-Gillingham approach has been proven effective for all students but especially those who have dyslexia, auditory processing, apraxia and speech deficits. The Orton-Gillingham  approach is structured, systematic, cumulative and multisensory. Students use their visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities while being taught all of the sounds and spelling rules in the English language.

PRIDE Reading Program not only offers its heavily scripted out  and easy to use Orton-Gillingham curriculum to teachers, tutors and parents,  but also provides professional development to districts, learning centers and schools, all across the United States.  

The curriculum developer of the PRIDE Reading Program, Karina Richland, M.A., stated that, “It is crucial that remedial tutors working with students that have dyslexia, auditory processing or any speech deficits, are highly trained in an evidence-based approach that has a proven track record for helping these kids learn to read, write and spell.”

The Omega Learning Center in South Forsyth Georgia together with the PRIDE Reading Program has taken a big leap forward to provide the best curriculum and instruction necessary to provide Orton-Gillingham tutoring for struggling students at the South Forsyth location.

“We are thrilled with our growth and so excited to share our love and passion for Orton-Gillingham with more learning centers like the Omega Learning Center in Forsyth Georgia and  across the United States” says Richland.


The Omega Learning Center – South Forsyth is located at 2585 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 100 in Cumming, GA 20041. For more information call 770 – 205 – 5586 or email them at southforsyth@omegalearning.com. Visit the website HERE.  


Karina Richland, M.A., is the author of the PRIDE Reading Program, a multisensory Orton-Gillingham reading, writing and comprehension curriculum that is available worldwide for parents, tutors, teachers and homeschoolers of struggling readers. Karina has an extensive background in working with students of all ages and various learning modalities. She has spent many years researching learning differences and differentiated teaching practices. You can reach her by email at info@pridereadingprogram.com or visit the website at www.pridereadingprogram.com
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