Welcome to PRIDE Reading Program! 

We are so excited you are here! The PRIDE Introduction & Training Trial course will provide you with an introduction to the PRIDE Reading Program, and an understanding of how to teach and implement the PRIDE Reading Program with your students and instructional staff.

After reviewing this course, you will have all the knowledge needed to implement PRIDE Reading Program with your students. This course will walk you through each step of the program with a video demonstration so that you can watch it in action.

The PRIDE Reading Program is a scripted, open-and-go program developed for busy teachers and instructors who want to teach reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension in the most effective and easiest way possible. The PRIDE Reading Program does not require long training sessions and you do not have to develop your own lesson plans. Everything is laid out for you step-by-step. If you ever need a substitute teacher, classroom aide, or paraprofessional to teach for you, they can follow the scripted lesson plans.

“What is Taught in the
PRIDE Reading Program?”

The PRIDE Reading Program is designed to bring the effectiveness of a structured literacy instruction approach to all students. The program helps to address and prevent reading and spelling gaps for all students and is the ideal way to ensure that struggling students receive the researched-backed Orton-Gillingham instruction method that they need.

Phonological Awareness

With PRIDE, you will teach your students how to listen to a single word or a single syllable and break it into individual sounds. You will also teach your student to take individual sounds and blend them into words, change sounds, compare sounds, delete sounds, and manipulate sounds. Phonological Awareness is taught throughout the entire PRIDE Reading Program at all six levels.

Systematic Phonics

Using PRIDE, you will be able to teach your students how to blend and connect the graphemes (letters) with phonemes (sounds) using a clear and well-thought-out scope and sequence. This includes:

  • Consonant and Short Vowel Sounds
  • Digraphs and Blends
  • Long Vowels and other Vowel Patterns
  • Six Syllable Patterns (closed, open, vowel-consonant-e, r-controlled, vowel pair/diphthong, consonant-le)
  • Affixes

Fluency and Reading Comprehension

In the PRIDE Reading Program, students are taught the relationship between word meanings and the meaning of groups of words. Relationships between words, phrases, clauses, and sentences are explicitly taught and lead to reading and comprehending paragraphs, texts, and stories.

Spelling Rules

Every spelling rule in the English language will be taught in the PRIDE Reading Program. You will teach your student how to read, write, and spell with these spelling rules.

“What Kind of Support Can I Get?”

We are here to help you. We are HUGE advocates of the Orton-Gillingham approach.

We offer free unlimited support and are here to answer your questions and help you use the PRIDE Reading Program with your students.

Now…let’s continue on with this course!

The PRIDE Reading Program consists of five components that you will use during your lessons. These include the Online Teaching Guide, The Student Workbook, PRIDE Sound Cards, PRIDE Letter Tiles, and an Activity Kit. Continue reading below to learn more!

Online Teaching Guide

The Online Teaching Guide is the key to the entire PRIDE Reading Program. You cannot use the program without this feature.

The Teaching Guide will tell you which skills to teach, when, and how to teach them, as well as give you all the words, sentences, and activities you need to do with your student. The PRIDE Teaching Guide has been designed and created in a way to keep the PRIDE teacher and student on track and following the program, as designed.

The school edition of the Online Teaching Guides are available in bundles. The Primary Bundle includes our early levels Beginning Letters and Sounds, Yellow, and Orange programs. If you teach all ages or older students, you can add our Elementary Bundle to your account. The Elementary Bundle includes our Red, Purple, and Blue programs. Our Primary Accelerated Review and Reading Comprehension programs are also available to add to your bundles if your older students have reading gaps or struggle with comprehension.

The Student Workbook

*Yellow Book “Initial R Blend” sample pages

The consumable PRIDE Student Workbooks are used by the student based on the level they are receiving instruction. The workbooks include decodable word lists, sentences, and stories that allow the student to apply, reinforce, and master new concepts. Unillustrated reading passages help the student focus directly on decoding strategies for word recognition. The consumable format of the Student Workbook allows students to mark word lists and highlight passages as they identify and practice new concepts. The PRIDE Workbook makes teaching the program easy and efficient as there is no need to organize and piece together materials or make copies before lessons. Additionally, you will have a document showing progress as all student work is completed in the student workbook. The PRIDE Student Workbook is available to purchase as needed individually or in school/district quantities. Discount pricing is available for bulk purchases. 

  The PRIDE Students Workbook

  • Contains words, sentences, and decodable stories for developing accurate and fluent reading and comprehension
  • Quick Progress Checks to determine student’s progress
  • Spelling paper
  • Picture Page
  • Graphic Organizer for comprehension and writing practice
  • Fluency Practice Pages
  • Word Games

PRIDE Sound Cards

PRIDE Sound Cards are used throughout the program to introduce letters, sounds, and reviewing skills. The PRIDE Sound Cards cover all levels of the program and are color-coded by level. They are used in daily automaticity drills. The cards are color-coded similarly to the Letter Tiles. White for consonants, green for vowels, blue for prefixes and suffixes, and yellow for less common pronunciations. PRIDE Sound Cards are included with the PRIDE Instruction Kit or can be purchased separately as needed. 

PRIDE Letter Tiles

The PRIDE Letter tiles are color-coded for each letter sound concept and are used throughout the program to learn sounds, blending, and word building. The cards are color-coded similarly to the Sound Cards. White for consonants, green for vowels, blue for prefixes and suffixes, and yellow for less common pronunciations.

PRIDE Letter Tiles are durable and ready to use on any flat surface. There will be blank green and white tiles included. Do not throw them away! These blank tiles are used as sound tiles for the Sound Tiles activity! To see what letter tiles are needed for each book level and how to lay it out, click here! One set of PRIDE Letter Tiles is included with the PRIDE Instruction Kit. Additional sets can be purchased if working in small groups. 

PRIDE Activity Kit

You will need a 12″x 9″ dry-erase board with black and red pens, a whiteboard eraser, a reading tracker, and a game die. All items are required during instruction. You can purchase PRIDE Activity Kits for the classroom, but will not be needed if you already have the tools at your disposal. 

 Now that you’ve become acquainted with the components of the PRIDE Reading Program, let’s learn more about the Online Teaching Guide!