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Materials needed to teach PRIDE Reading Comprehension: Student Workbook, Reading Comprehension ONLINE TEACHING GUIDE (sold separately), PRIDE Activity Kit.

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The PRIDE Reading Comprehension Program is based on the belief that reading comprehension strategies need to be taught to students directly and explicitly using a structured, sequential, cumulative and highly interactive approach. 

In the PRIDE Reading
Comprehension Book, 
student is explicitly taught:

Main Idea
Story Elements
Story Recall

PRIDE Reading Comprehension Workbook

Our Reading Comprehension Book goes hand-in-hand with our Online Teaching Guide. The Workbook carefully combines explicit and direct instruction with reading, writing, drawing, and language activities to provide students with opportunities to practice and demonstrate their developing reading comprehension abilities. The repetition, routine, and predictable format of each lesson creates a relaxed and comfortable learning environment for the student. The engaging and descriptive stories will hold the student’s attention and help them generalize the reading skills necessary to succeed. Picture and visual supports will help students demonstrate their knowledge and answer Who, What, Where, When, and Why questions throughout the entire program. 

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