PRIDE Digital Beginning Consonants Program


PRIDE Beginning Consonants eBook

Digital version of PRIDE Beginning Consonants Book. Students are able to save their progress in the eBook. Interactive sound cards and whiteboard included in eBook tools. License purchase valid for one year.


PRIDE - Beginning Consonants Online Teaching Guide - 2nd Ed.

PRIDE’s Online Teaching Guide will walk you through the skills to teach, and when and how to teach them. PRIDE Reading Program Training included.


PRIDE Beginning Consonants eBook

The PRIDE Beginning Consonants eBook are for students who are ready to start learning beginning consonants. Students in Beginning Consonants may also have started learning consonant concepts and are struggling with their acquisition. 

By the end of the PRIDE Beginning Consonants,
your student will identify, write and sound out
the consonants listed below:


b c f g h j k l m n

p r s t v w x y z d


PRIDE Beginning Consonants eBook 

Our PRIDE Beginning Consonants eBook goes hand-in-hand with our Online Teaching Guide. The eBook contains finger tracing, pen tracing, and letter writing for developing reading and writing skills. Students will also learn phonological awareness through recognizing pictures and sounds as well as incorporating fun activities such as sky writing to enforce lessons. The PRIDE Beginning Consonants eBook works on any of your internet connected browser devices. 

Students are able to write in the eBook and save their progress. 
(Example below is demonstrated with an iPad and stylus.)

After purchase, please allow us 2 business days to process your order. We will e-mail you instructions on how you can access your eBook(s).

What You Will Need to Teach PRIDE Reading Program

PRIDE Online Teaching Guide

PRIDE’s easy to follow 100% scripted, step-by-step ONLINE Teaching Guide will guide you through which skills to teach, and when and how to teach them. With the PRIDE Teaching Guide, you become the Orton-Gillingham method instructor your student needs. The PRIDE Online Teaching Guide works on any of your internet connected browser devices. 

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