About the Orton-Gillingham Method

Does your pre-school-age child struggle with the pronunciation of familiar words? Do you have a kindergartner who seems unable to grasp the relationship between letters and sounds? Do you have a school-age child who has uncharacteristically poor handwriting or spelling for their age?

These are all signs of dyslexia, one of the most common learning disabilities among children. If your child is struggling to learn to read or grasp reading concepts because of dyslexia, try the Orton-Gillingham method.

PRIDE Reading Program offers tutors and at-home materials for parents and teachers of dyslexic students.

What the Orton-Gillingham Method Teaches

The Orton-Gillingham method of learning to read is helpful for students and children with dyslexia. If your child struggles with this common learning disability, consider working with Orton-Gillingham tutors to help your child learn to read.

This method starts with the most fundamental basics of English. The sounds of letters are taught, one at a time, until they become familiar. The rest of the program progresses in a similar manner — step by step, only moving on from each concept when the student has mastered it.

One of the main building blocks of the Orton-Gillingham method is phonemic awareness. In order to develop language fluency and the ability to read, children must grasp the connection between spoken words and written words. This is the most essential part of learning to read, and the Orton-Gillingham method focuses heavily on this concept.

How to Get Started

If you are the parent or teacher of a child with dyslexia, you know the struggle of helping them learn to read. With the Orton-Gillingham method from PRIDE, you can get the tools you need. Call us at 866-774-3342 to learn more about our program and what materials would be best for your child.

Giving your child the gift of reading can be difficult, but it’s not impossible — and you’re not alone. Let PRIDE Reading Program help.

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