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You Did It!

Your PRIDE Orton-Gillingham Introduction Course is now complete! In this course you received an overview of the Orton-Gillingham approach using multisensory activities and lots of phonological awareness. You also learned the most important lesson of all…that children with learning differences need a different approach to learning. They need a structured, sequential, cumulative and repetitive reading program loaded with phonological and phonemic awareness.  

We are so happy that you’ve invested your time in learning a new approach in helping children with learning differences. We are really proud of you. Passing on all this information that you learned today is going to help so many children learn how to read successfully and grow in their education.

So…now that you have finished the Orton-Gillingham Introduction Course and you are filled with TONS of new knowledge, you will want to start thinking about how you plan on using your new skills and knowledge. We can help you. Click on one of the buttons below to learn more.

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