oo (food)

Practice Lesson

Review Cards

Sound Cards   

Review and Drill beginning consonant cards, a, i, o, u, e, th, sh, ch, wh, ang, ing, ong, ank, ink, onk, unk, y, qu, ck, tch, ai, ay, ee, ea, ar, or, ind, ild, old, ost, oa, er, ur, ir, oe, ow, ed, oo

“When I hold up a letter, say the letter’s name and give its sound.”

Step 1

Sound Cards (Continued) 

Hold up oo Sound Card. 

“We are going to Sky Write this sound. Stand up and extend your arm all the way out in front of you. Ready?” 

/oo/  (Say the sound.)  oo  (Say the letters as you Sky Write.) 
/  (Underline the sound and say the sound.)

Have student repeat 3 times.

Step 2

Phonological Awareness

“Say smooth. Say smooth again but this time, leave off the /m/.” (soothe)

“Say hoop. Say hoop again but this time, instead of /h/, say /l/.” (loop)

“Say sooth. Say sooth again but this time, instead of /s/ say /b/.” (booth)

“Say cool. Say cool again but this time, instead of /c/, say /f/.” (fool)

“Say room. Say room again but this time, instead of /r/, say /z/.” (zoom)

“Say flow. Say flow again but this time, instead of /f /, say /sl/.” (slow)

“Say mood. Say mood again but this time, add y to the end of the word.” (moody)

“Say tooth. Say tooth again but this time, instead of /t/ say /b/.” (booth)

“Say teaspoon. Say teaspoon again but this time, take away the tea.” (spoon)

“Can you give me a word that rhymes with spoon?”

“How many syllables does the word teaspoon have?”

Step 3

Letter Tiles

“Say smooth. Bring down the letters for each sound in smooth. Read the word again. Now put all the letters back where they belong.”  

Repeat this activity with:

moon, hoop, troop, scoot, tooth, rooster, boo, shoo, food, goofy

Step 4

Red Words   

Review and Drill red-checked Red Words on pages 204 – 206.

Turn to pages 204 – 206. Pick a word with a red check mark. Use the below script:

Say “This is the word ___. What is this word? Point to the word. Slide your pointer finger under the word while you read it.” Have student repeat this 3 times.

“Now, stand up. Spell the word, tapping once for each letter down your arm. Then read the word again while sliding your hand from shoulder to wrist.” Have student repeat this 3 times.

“Now write the word in a red marker on the whiteboard saying the letters aloud as you write and underline the word as you read it.” Have the student write, read and underline 3 times.

“Can you give me the word in a sentence?”

Step 5


Student Workbook page 4 – Sentence List: oo

Look at the first sentence. Put your finger under the first word in the sentence. Now read the sentence quietly in your head and look at me when you are finished and I will ask you a question.”

When the student looks up at you, you will ask the student a comprehension question. Then have the student go back and read the sentence aloud.  

Repeat this process with all of the sentences:

Take the broom and sweep the room.

“What should he do with the broom?” (Sweep the room)

The moon will rise soon.

“What does it mean for the moon to rise?” (appear in the sky)

Did you see that bride and groom?

“What is a groom?” (a man getting married)

Mom made too much food.

“What did mom make too much of?” (food)

Are you in the mood for a scoop of ice cream?

“What flavor would you want?” (answers will vary)

Do you have rain boots?

“Why would you need rain boots?” (it’s raining)

Can you meet me at the zoo at noon? asked Steve.

“What time will Steve be at the zoo?” (at noon)

Chad just lost his fifth tooth.

“How many teeth has Chad lost?” (five)

The farmer keeps the hens in a coop.

“Where does the farmer keep his hens?” (in a coop)

We can skate on the ice if it is smooth.

“Why does the ice need to be smooth?” (so we can skate)


Step 6

Sound Dictation

Student Workbook page 8 – Sounds

“Say /oo/. What vowel team makes the /oo/ sound? With your finger, write the letters that say /oo/ on your palm. Now write the letters oo on your paper. Now, look at the letters you just wrote. What are the names of these letters? What sound do they make?”

Repeat with the following sounds:

//, /ā/, /er/, /ē/, /or/, /id/, /ar/, /t/, /oo/

Step 7

Word Dictation

Student Workbook page 8 – Words

“Say bloom. Spell the word bloom by writing the letters on your palm. Now, pick up your pen and write the word bloom on your paper.”

Repeat with the following words:

room, zoom, gloom, pool, school, proof, mood, mooch, noon

Step 8

Sentence Dictation

Student Workbook page 8 – Sentences

“Listen carefully as I say a sentence, and watch as I make a dash on the board for each word in the sentence.”  

I thought that was a foolish thing to do.

“Now, you say the sentence as you point to each dash. Now, you fill in each dash with each word from the sentence. Good. Now go back and read the sentence that you just wrote.”

Repeat the above with the following sentences, but this time in the student workbook instead of the whiteboard:

Wool blankets scratch me.

The chickens stayed in the coop.

Step 9

Fluency Practice

Student Workbook page 179 – Fluency Practice 1 

Place a reading marker under the first row. Going across the row, have the student read each word as quickly as they can. Be cautious, as some students will become very anxious if they feel any time pressure. Never push for speed at the cost for accuracy. Accuracy is more important than speed. If the student will tolerate it, have the student do all 15 rows.