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In-Home Tutoring Cupertino CA

PRIDE Reading Specialists are the convenient and affordable reading, spelling, and comprehension solution for struggling readers and children with learning differences!

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PRIDE Reading Specialists

PRIDE Reading Specialists are the convenient and affordable reading, spelling, and comprehension solution for struggling readers and children with learning differences!

Top-Rated Cupertino In-Home Tutor​

If you are a parent of a young child who has been struggling with learning differences, and you are looking for an in-home tutoring Cupertino service, then the PRIDE Reading Program may have something wonderful, in store for you.  Children who have learning challenges, such as; dyslexia, dysgraphia, auditory processing disorder, visual processing disorder, or childhood apraxia of speech, need access to a multisensory learning method, that helps them acquire the knowledge that they are being taught.  For this reason, we offer in-home Orton-Gillingham tutor Cupertino services, that most students find very useful, engaging, and interesting, too.

In-home Tutoring Cupertino CA

The Orton-Gillingham teaching method is a structured literacy program that is offered through a homeschool reading program Cupertino, a homeschool writing program Cupertino, and a homeschool spelling program Cupertino.  The method consists of six varying levels, which each student masters, at their own different pace.  The lessons are interesting and will hold the attention of your child, as he/she learns new techniques for reading comprehension Cupertino, writing, and spelling, too.

We offer In-home Reading Tutors and In-home Writing Tutors Cupertino

Cupertino is a beautiful city and is known worldwide for being the headquarters of the Apple company.  It is also where you can find Cupertino in-home tutor services, by the PRIDE Reading Program, who has a talented team of educators that are interested in your child, and in ensuring that each child develops a strong foundation for learning.

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This foundation of learning is developed through services of in-home reading tutor Cupertino, in-home spelling tutor Cupertino, in-home writing tutor Cupertino, and in-home dyslexia tutor Cupertino.  We have the tools, the training, and the skills needed, to work with children who have many types of learning differences, and we believe that we can help your child succeed, as well.

When searching for an in-home tutoring Cupertino program, please contact the professionals from PRIDE Reading Program.  We look forward to meeting you, and your child, very soon.

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The PRIDE Placement Assessment will be conducted online and determine where your student should start in the program. 

4: Results & Recommendations

Our Reading Specialist will contact you with placement results, recommendations, and answer any questions about the PRIDE Reading Program.


PRIDE In-Home Reading Specialists

PRIDE Orton-Gillingham trained and certified Reading Specialists

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PRIDE Accelerated Program

Intensive PRIDE Orton-Gillingham school site and summer instruction

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PRIDE Online Reading Specialists

Live PRIDE instruction using the latest education technology.

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““PRIDE has made such a huge impact on my family, I feel forever indebted and incredibly blessed to have experienced it. My daughter exhibited all the signs of a learning difference, but her schoolteachers were clueless, labeling her as lazy and inattentive. PRIDE helped to identify my daughter’s specific learning issues. Working with PRIDE’s team of gifted Reading Specialists allowed her to regain confidence in her ability to perform schoolwork. She enjoys every minute of PRIDE and always looked forward to her lessons.”
PRIDE Parent, Manhattan Beach, CA

“Our daughter Brianna started PRIDE when she was struggling with reading during 1st grade at our local public school in West Los Angeles. At that point, she was near the bottom of her class and hated to read. After working with PRIDE’s excellent Reading Specialists and staff, Brianna is now ahead of her peers and, more importantly, enjoys reading. Brianna also looks forward to her PRIDE sessions and is proud of her accomplishments. We are lucky to have found PRIDE when we did, and I would highly recommend its program.”

– PRIDE Parent, Los Angeles, CA

“Excellent Program. I do Psychoeducational and Neuropsychological Assessments. I have seen a lot of progress with the children that have gone through PRIDE’s program. It is a great resource that specifically addresses reading difficulties with a multi-sensory approach. It is also important that the people giving the services are well-trained. I highly recommend PRIDE.”

– Dr. Abbe Barron, DMD PhD, Los Angeles, CA

Orton-Gillingham Based Method
Our PRIDE Reading Program incorporates the Orton-Gillingham based method. 

“For children with speech deficits, language deficits, or processing deficits, the repetitive nature of the Orton-Gillingham approach is perfect for them. This method utilizes a multisensory step-by-step process for your child to learn every phoneme in the English language.”

“There is a window of opportunity for kids between kindergarten and 2nd grade where if they don’t close their reading gaps before moving onto the next grade, that child will always struggle with reading and writing. It is important you close those gaps as soon as you can.”

“The Orton-Gillingham method is a process. For many students, this is actually the only program that does work for them. Our students are really, really smart kids that just need a different approach to learning.” 

Karina Richland, PRIDE Reading Program

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