David-Melissa R.

My daughter has a diagnosis of both ADHD and dyslexia, which is a severe double whammy for learning basic spelling, reading and writing. She has used NILD and Susan Barton, both with some degree of success. However, we are a very mobile family, residing both stateside and overseas. We were at the mercy of what tutors were available and had training in what programs to move her forward. This meant switching programs and approaches and teachers (all stressful), leading to gaps and anxiety. What PRIDE has done is to give a very valuable tool -The Orton Gillingham methods - to me, her parent. The most stable person in her life to get her the help she needs. We are just finishing up our third book together and after years of struggle she is finding the attitude for "I can do this" success, she so needed. No more starting and stopping, switching teachers and methods that can be discouraging. All the materials are provided and the program has been very easy for me to follow. This is a powerful way to help parents have access to the needed learning methods for spelling, reading and writing in their homes and on their schedule. When special learning concerns limited my daughter from learning in the traditional classroom this approach gave me the tool I needed to actually help her. I wish it had been available when my daughter was younger, but I'm glad we are getting it now and for the success she feels as she finally understands the mystery that written language has been for her. Thanks PRIDE! - Springfield, OR