Amy from Healthy Farm

“This is by far the best resource for learning how to read, write, and comprehend sentences that I have ever seen. I can really see progress being made after each lesson. If you have a child or know of one that is struggling, seriously take this program into...

Richie S. from Homeschool and Humor

“By learning how to teach Orton-Gillingham through the online training program, I am now qualified to teach the PRIDE Reading Program in any circumstance. The training helped empower me with the confidence to guide my child through the steps within each lesson.” –...

Michelle from Creatively Crunchy Mom

“I love so many things about this program! I am thrilled at the progress that my sweet boy is finally making in reading. To finally have a program that is working for him and helping him gain confidence is priceless!”  – Michelle, Parent

David-Melissa R.

This is a powerful way to help parents have access to the needed learning methods for spelling, reading and writing in their homes and on their schedule. – Springfield, OR

David-Melissa R.

My daughter has a diagnosis of both ADHD and dyslexia, which is a severe double whammy for learning basic spelling, reading and writing. She has used NILD and Susan Barton, both with some degree of success. However, we are a very mobile family, residing both stateside...