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PRIDE Reading Program is the reading, spelling, and comprehension solution for struggling readers and children with learning differences!

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PRIDE is the easiest structured literacy Orton-Gillingham curriculum to implement into your school site and an evidence-based method of instruction.

The PRIDE Reading Program is a multisensory, Orton-Gillingham curriculum for teaching reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension.  

With the PRIDE Reading Program, there is no need for long and expensive training or advanced understanding of the spelling and reading rules that are being taught. 

PRIDE’s easy to follow, 100% scripted and lesson planned, step-by-step Teaching Guide will walk your teachers, classroom assistants, learning support assistants, learning mentors and parent volunteers through each skill and how to teach it.

Why should I use the PRIDE Reading Program in my School Site?

  • An Orton-Gillingham, multisensory reading program designed around an evidence-based method of instruction
  • Perfect for teachers, classroom assistants, learning support assistants, learning mentors and parent volunteers
  • Easy to implement and teach with exceptional results
  • A Structured Literacy program for your school site

We are confident that you will find the PRIDE Reading Program easy to implement and will see amazing results for at-risk and struggling students.  Contact us today for a customized solution, we are here to help.

PRIDE Reading Program Orton-Gillingham Reading Instruction

The PRIDE Reading Program employs the Orton-Gillingham method of reading instruction.  Orton-Gillingham was developed specifically to teach struggling and non-readers how to read, write, spell and comprehend.

While the program works with all students, it is especially successful for students with dyslexia, auditory and visual processing disorder, speech deficits and other learning differences.

PRIDE gives you everything you need to successfully teach reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension to your student.


The Online Teaching Guide Is The Key To The PRIDE Program.


PRIDE’s easy to follow 100% scripted, step-by-step Teaching Guide will guide you through which skills to teach, and when and how to teach them. With the PRIDE Reading Program Teaching Guide, you will become the Orton-Gillingham method instructor your student needs. The PRIDE online Teaching Guide works on any of your internet connected browser devices.

PRIDE Student Workbook

The Student Workbook goes hand in hand with the Teaching Guide:

  • Contains words, sentences and decodable stories for developing reading, writing and comprehension skills
  • Spelling / Sentence dictation pages and graphic organizers for comprehension are included with every lesson
  • Quick progress checks after concept unit completion to determine student progress and if ready to move on
  • Word reading fluency pages to build accurate and fluent word recognition and reading
  • Word games to keep lessons fun and engaging

Additional Materials Included In The PRIDE Reading Program

  • Sound Cards for introducing letters, sounds and reviewing skills
  • Letter Tiles to learn sounds, blending and word building
  • Sight Word Cards
  • Sound Squares and Elkonin Box to help build phonemic awareness
  • Vowel Sound Chart Poster to help guide you and your student through the complexities of the English language
  • Whiteboard with Markers and Eraser
  • PRIDE Reading Game Dice
  • Card Box and Card Dividers
  • Reading Tracker
  • PRIDE Reading Program Tote Bag

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