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  • Materials Needed to teach PRIDE Red Book 3: Student Workbook, Instruction Kit (sold separately) includes Elementary Online Teaching Guide, PRIDE Sound Cards, PRIDE Letter Tiles, PRIDE Activity Kit.
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What Your Student Will Learn in PRIDE Red Program!

The PRIDE Red Book is for students who have completed the Orange Book or are ready to start learning words with consonant and vowel teams. Students in the Red Book may also have started learning concepts in this book and are struggling with their acquisition. 

By the end of the PRIDE Red Book, 
child will read, write and spell words
with consonant and vowel 
teams of:

y long i, qu, ck, tch, y long e,
ai, ay, ee, ea, ar, or, oa,
er, ur, ir, oe, ow 

sly quest snuck botch sandy

claim pail sway creek east

dart porch coax loam squirm

visitor curl puck ketchup urge

raid steel mail dart shepherd


PRIDE Red Workbook 

Our Red Book goes hand-in-hand with our Online Teaching Guide. The Workbook contains words, sentences and decodable stories for developing reading, writing and comprehension skills. Spelling / Sentence dictation pages and graphic organizers for comprehension are included with every lesson. There are quick progress checks to determine progress and if the student ready to move on. Also included are word reading fluency pages to build accurate and fluent word recognition and reading and word games to keep lessons fun and engaging.

Click on the sides of the book to turn the pages.

Do you have all your materials
needed to teach PRIDE Red Book 3?