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Note: PRIDE Reading Comprehension Program is recommended for students in our upper levels or with strong encoding and decoding skills.

Reading Comprehension Home Program

From: $104.95

PRIDE Reading Comprehension Workbook ©

Reading Comprehension Workbook contains picture and visual supports, engaging and descriptive stories, story organizers and summary pages.

$39.95 each

PRIDE Reading Comprehension Online Teaching Guide

PRIDE’s Online Teaching Guide will walk you through the skills to teach, and when and how to teach them.

$65.00 each

PRIDE Activity Kit

PRIDE Activity Kit - contains 1 - 9"x12" frameless whiteboard, 1 each black and red dry erase markers, 1 whiteboard eraser, 1 reading tracker, 1 game die, and the PRIDE carry bag. All items are required during instruction. If you already have these items, purchase not necessary.


The PRIDE Reading Comprehension Program is based on the belief that reading comprehension strategies need to be taught to students directly and explicitly using a structured, sequential, cumulative and highly interactive approach. 

In the PRIDE Reading
Comprehension Program, 
student is explicitly taught:

Main Idea
Story Elements
Story Recall


PRIDE Online Teaching Guide

PRIDE’s easy to follow 100% scripted, step-by-step ONLINE Teaching Guide will guide you through which skills to teach, and when and how to teach them. With the PRIDE Teaching Guide, you become the Reading Comprehension Instructor your student needs. The PRIDE Online Teaching Guide works on any of your internet connected browser devices. 

Preview a Reading Comprehension Book Lesson

PRIDE Reading Comprehension Workbook 

Our Reading Comprehension Book goes hand-in-hand with our Online Teaching Guide. The Workbook combines explicit and direct instruction with reading, writing, drawing and language activities to provide students with opportunities to practice and demonstrate their developing reading comprehension abilities. The repetition, routine and predictable format of each lesson creates a relaxed and comfortable learning environment for the student. The engaging and descriptive stories will hold the student’s attention and help them generalize the reading skills necessary to succeed. Picture and visual supports will help students demonstrate their knowledge and answer Who, What, Where, When, and Why questions throughout the entire program. 

Click on the sides of the book to turn the pages.

Back to School Freebie

PRIDE Activity Kit

Includes a 12″x9″ dry-erase board with black and red pens, 1 whiteboard eraser, 1 reading tracker, and 1 game dice (dice not used in Reading Comprehension Program).  

Teaching in Groups?

Each additional student will need their own:

  • PRIDE Reading Comprehension Student Workbook

FAQs for PRIDE Reading Program

How do I know the PRIDE Reading Comprehension Program is right for my student?

The PRIDE Reading Comprehension Program is a good fit for students who have completed all 5 Levels of the PRIDE Orton-Gillingham curriculum, or have strong decoding and encoding reading skills but struggle with comprehension strategies. If your student needs explicit instruction in sequencing, predicting, visualizing, inferencing, finding the main idea, recall, story elements and summarizing, this program will be particularly helpful.

Will my student benefit from the PRIDE program?

Yes! All students benefit from the PRIDE Reading Program. It is a powerful primer for all students and an intervention for the students with delayed or non-existing reading skills due to language-based processing disorders or disabilities including dyslexia, auditory processing, speech deficits and other learning differences.

What if I am not a teacher? Will I be able to teach my student the PRIDE Program?

Yes! Parents and Homeschoolers across the U.S.A and around the world use the PRIDE Reading Program every day with their students. PRIDE is designed for ease of use and effectiveness. There are simple to follow training videos to show how the learning exercises are taught. The 100% scripted PRIDE Teaching Guide will walk you through what to teach and when. Simply log-in to pridereadingprogram.com, follow the step by step instructions, read the included script, and you are teaching the PRIDE Reading Program.

Orton-Gillingham Based Method

Our PRIDE Reading Program incorporates the Orton-Gillingham based method.

“For children with speech deficits, language deficits, or processing deficits, the repetitive nature of the Orton-Gillingham approach is perfect for them. This method utilizes a multisensory step-by-step process for your child to learn every phoneme in the English language.”

“There is a window of opportunity for kids between kindergarten and 2nd grade where if they don’t close their reading gaps before moving onto the next grade, that child will always struggle with reading and writing. It is important you close those gaps as soon as you can.”

“The Orton-Gillingham method is a process. For many students, this is actually the only program that does work for them. Our students are really, really smart kids that just need a different approach to learning.”


– Karina Richland, PRIDE Reading Program

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