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PRIDE Blue Progress Kit

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PRIDE Blue Student Workbook - Second Edition ©

  • Materials Needed to teach PRIDE Blue Book 5: Student Workbook, Instruction Kit (sold separately) includes Elementary Online Teaching Guide, PRIDE Sound Cards, PRIDE Letter Tiles, PRIDE Activity Kit.
$39.95 each

PRIDE - Blue Book Online Teaching Guide - Second Edition

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What Your Student Will Learn in PRIDE Blue Program!

The PRIDE Blue Program is for students who have completed Book 4 Purple Program or are ready to start learning open syllables, vowel diphthongs, silent letters, spelling rules, soft C & G, schwa sounds, and common suffixes & prefixes. Students in the Blue Book may also have started learning concepts in this book and are struggling with their acquisition. 

By the end of the PRIDE Blue Book,
your child will read, write and spell
words such as the words below:

open syllables, vowel diphthongs,
silent letters, spelling rules,
soft C & G, schwa sounds,
common suffixes & prefixes

bridge, chew, driving, ponies

ceiling, reindeer, sleigh, winning

clue, fruit, knee, ghost, gnome

numb, autumn, wrong, psychic

anchor, swan, antique, bandage

vulture, dangerous, ambulance, 

audience, tropical, memorial, 

expensive, unreal, preview, reread