PRIDE Reading Program Level 4 Purple Book – Single Student Monthly Subscription

$89.00 / month

Your Purple Book Level 4 – single student monthly subscription includes unlimited online PRIDE Teacher’s Guide access and Student Materials. Student Materials include Student Workbook, Sound Cards, Sight Word Cards (red words), Letter Tiles, word marker, white board and markers. As you progress through the program, new level materials will be shipped to your home or school. At PRIDE, our goal is to make our program available to all. Our subscription and print-on-demand service, make it possible for you to use the PRIDE program with only a monthly subscription fee of $89.00 that you can cancel at any time. There are no expensive week long training courses or programs to purchase.

The PRIDE Materials will be sent to the address you entered for your account.  While you are waiting for your materials to arrive, you will be given access to short training videos and practice lessons.  When your materials arrive, you are ready to start the PRIDE Reading Program with your student.