Win an $80 Gift Certificate!

Spread the word about our PRIDE Reading Program today! Our Orton-Gillingham based structured literacy curriculum is now available worldwide! Recommend our program to a friend and we will give you an $80 Gift Certificate that can be used for any PRIDE related services, including our Summer Reading Camp, In-Home Tutoring or your PRIDE Reading Program monthly subscription!

Here’s how:

1) Recommend our PRIDE Reading Program to a friend.

2) Have your friend sign-up for our PRIDE Reading Program monthly subscription!

3) Send us an e-mail of your name and your friend’s name and we will send you an $80 Gift Certificate!

You can send the e-mail to:

It’s that easy!

*Disclaimer* Remember, the gift certificate is only offered to the referee, not the referred friend. We will need to verify with both parties for the offer to be valid. Referred friend must sign-up and complete 1st month’s payment before you are able to claim your gift. 

To find out more information about our PRIDE Reading Program, here’s a quick video:

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