PRIDE has made such a huge impact on my family, I feel forever indebted and incredibly blessed to have experienced it. My daughter exhibited all the signs of a learning difference. PRIDE allowed her to regain confidence in her ability to perform schoolwork. She enjoyed every minute of PRIDE and always looked forward to her lessons.

“PRIDE Parent, Manhattan Beach, Ca “

Our daughter came to PRIDE when she was struggling with reading during 1st grade. At that point, she was near the bottom of her class and hated to read. After working with PRIDE, she is now ahead of her peers and, more importantly, enjoys reading. She also looks forward to her PRIDE sessions and is proud of her accomplishments. We are lucky to have found PRIDE when we did, and I would highly recommend the program.

” PRIDE Parent, Los Angeles, Ca “

Excellent Program. I do Psychoeducational and Neuropsychological Assessments. I have seen a lot of progress with the children that have gone through PRIDE’s program. It is a great resource that specifically addresses reading difficulties with a multi-sensory approach. I highly recommend PRIDE.

” Dr. Abbe Barron, DMD PhD, Los Angeles, Ca “

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