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PRIDE Certified Independent Tutors & Learning Centers

The PRIDE Reading Program is now available to be taught by local Tutors and independent Learning Centers.  PRIDE is the solution to teaching reading, spelling, and comprehension to struggling readers and children with learning differences.

PRIDE Independent Reading Professionals and Learning Centers are located in cities around the U.S.A. and Canada.  We are always looking to help in your area.  If you do not find a PRIDE Reading Program Professional in your area, or are interested in having PRIDE in your area, please let us know.

The individuals listed on our website have all completed the PRIDE Reading Program training course.  PRIDE Reading Program Independent Learning Centers and Tutors are knowledgeable of the PRIDE Reading Program and the process of implementation.


Would you like to become a PRIDE independent tutor or Learning Center and join our List?

Are you interested in becoming PRIDE trained and joining our list?  As a PRIDE independent tutor or Learning Center, your name will be made available to parents who are looking for help implementing our Orton-Gillingham based PRIDE Reading Program.  Here are some of the advantages to becoming a PRIDE independent tutor or Learning Center.

  • No expensive or lengthy training required to start teaching.
  • Perfect for clinicians, tutors, reading specialists, speech therapists, educational therapists or individuals looking to help others while earning extra income.
  • Easy to implement and teach with exceptional results.
  • Everything needed to teach the PRIDE Reading Program is included with the student’s subscription.  You do not need to supply the student materials or manipulatives or invest in materials.  Everything is sent directly to the parents home or your Learning Center when you sign up a new PRIDE student.
  • No Lesson Planning needed!  The program is HEAVILY scripted out – you just follow the script.
  • More clients by adding a truly effective dyslexia and learning disability Structured Literacy program to your business.
  • Affiliate program.  Do you have students that can not afford your tutoring fees?  Earn extra monthly income when students you refer to the PRIDE Reading Program sign-up.

For more information and to get started call:  1-866-774-3342 ext. 3


““PRIDE Learning Center has made such a huge impact on my family, I feel forever indebted and incredibly blessed to have experienced it. My daughter exhibited all the signs of a learning difference, but her schoolteachers were clueless, labeling her as lazy and inattentive. PRIDE helped to identify my daughter’s specific learning issues. Working with PRIDE’s team of gifted Reading Specialists allowed her to regain confidence in her ability to perform schoolwork. She enjoys every minute of PRIDE and always looked forward to her lessons.”
PRIDE Parent, Manhattan Beach, Ca

“Our daughter Brianna came to PRIDE when she was struggling with reading during 1st grade at our local public school in West Los Angles. At that point, she was near the bottom of her class and hated to read. After working with PRIDE’s excellent Reading Specialists and staff, Brianna is now ahead of her peers and, more importantly, enjoys reading. Brianna also looks forward to attending her PRIDE sessions and is proud of her accomplishments. We are lucky to have found PRIDE when we did, and I would highly recommend its program.”

– PRIDE Parent, Los Angeles, Ca

“Excellent Program. I do Psychoeducational and Neuropsychological Assessments. I have seen a lot of progress with the children that have gone through PRIDE’s program. It is a great resource that specifically addresses reading difficulties with a multi-sensory approach. It is also important that the people giving the services are well-trained. I highly recommend PRIDE.”

– Dr. Abbe Barron, DMD PhD, Los Angeles, Ca

* Deposit required for supplied Oculus Go headset. 

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