PRIDE Placement Resources

We always recommend placing your student somewhere in between Beginning Letters & Sounds and the Red Book Program no matter what age or grade they are. If your student has already had PRIDE or Orton-Gillingham tutoring and you believe they might be able to start in Levels 4 or 5, please look at our Scope & Sequence below to determine where you believe your student is best placed. 

For a more comprehensive assessment, download the PRIDE Comprehensive Reading Assessment. Follow the directions provided.  Your student should be placed in the level where you stop the assessment. With older students, you may want to continue into the next level of the assessment to check if placement is correct, or if student has a few gaps that can be addressed with our PRIDE Accelerated Review (PAR) program. The PRIDE Reading Program is available in two versions. PRIDE for Parents and Homeschoolers (single student, single level access), and PRIDE for Tutors and Teachers (multi-student, multi-level access). If you have question about your students placement, please email us at info@pridereadingprogram.com.

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PRIDE Comprehensive Reading Assessment


Scope & sequence