PRIDE Reading Program is the easiest to use Orton-Gillingham homeschool & tutoring curriculum.

Homeschoolers & Parents

The PRIDE Reading Program is a multisensory, Orton-Gillingham curriculum for teaching reading, writing, spelling and comprehension.  PRIDE’s easy to follow, heavily scripted out, step-by-step Teaching Guide will walk you through each skill and how to teach it.

With the PRIDE Reading Program, there is no need for special training or advanced understanding of the spelling and reading rules that are being taught.  You just need to read the highlighted script of the Teaching Guide aloud to your child and follow the simple directions. Plus, if you ever need help with how a lesson is taught, there are short and easy to understand videos showing the PRIDE method in practice.  

Why should I use the PRIDE Reading Program at home with my child?

  • An Orton-Gillingham, multisensory Reading Program
  • No expensive or lengthy training required
  • Easy to implement and teach with exceptional results
  • Everything needed to teach the PRIDE Reading Program is included with the student’s subscription.  You do not need to supply the student materials or manipulatives or reinvest in new materials as they become worn out from use or abuse.
  • Perfect for struggling readers or children with learning differences

How do I sign up?

Option 1:  Call us at 866-774-3342 ext. 2  or click the CONTACT US button below and we can get you all signed up and ready to go.  

Option 2:  Register your child through our website by clicking the GET PRIDE / FIND YOUR LEVEL button below.

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