Glued sounds or welded sounds in Orton-Gillingham are groups of letters within a word such as king, hang, long, sung that are easier to learn as a chunk than separated into individual sounds. Our students need a lot of practice with welded sounds, so I came up with this fun Orton-Gillingham activity to practice welded sounds with them.  

Getting Started:

For this Orton-Gillingham activity you will need: 

  • Giant legos/building blocks 
  • Sharpie/Marker 
  • A large space to work such as a table or floor area 

 How to Make It

First, pick out the giant lego pieces with only 1 hole.  

On each of these pieces you will write single letters of the alphabet with your sharpie marker.

Next, pick out the lego pieces with 3 holes.

On each of these pieces you will write the welded sounds: 

ing, ang, ong, ung

 How to Play

Students will pick up a big block with the welded sounds written on it and read it aloud. 

Students will then locate the appropriate letters and build their word on top of the block that has the full word written on it. 

Want to see it in Action?

Watch this video on how to make and play this Orton-Gillingham activity!

More Options

For kids that have letter confusions, you can color code the letters. For example, write all of the b’s on the yellow blocks and all of d’s on the blue blocks and all of the p’s on the white blocks.

You can also leave some of the longer blocks blank so that the student will have to build a word from memory that the teacher gives them using the welded sounds they have been learning. 

Additionally, have the student say the sounds of the letters aloud as they build the word. 

Keep stacking words and letters on top of each other until you create a building or run out of blocks. 

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