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The PRIDE Reading Program has announced that the Northern United Charter Schools located throughout Humboldt County, California have implemented the PRIDE Reading Program, structured literacy curriculum for students with dyslexia and learning differences.

The Northern United Charter School serves students throughout Humboldt County. It has learning centers in Willow Creek, Arcata, Eureka, Cutten, Briceland, and Redway. This charter school network provides academic support as well as learning verification to home study parents of primary students in grades K – 8. The Northern United Charter School focuses on a hybrid method of instruction which combines class time and direct instruction for students with self-led learning at home and homeschool.  

Students with learning differences will find the small group classes and focused attention utilizing the PRIDE Reading Program curriculum helpful to their success. 

The PRIDE Reading Program is an evidence-based method that is structured, sequential, multisensory and cumulative. The curriculum explicitly teaches children with dyslexia, auditory processing, and other learning differences how to read, spell, write and comprehend. Many other charter schools across the United States are using the PRIDE Reading Program structured literacy curriculum with great success.

If you are interested in using an Orton-Gillingham, Structured Literacy Curriculum in your charter school, please contact the PRIDE Reading Program at 866-774-3342 ext. 2.

Karina Richland, M.A., is the author of the PRIDE Reading Program, a multisensory Orton-Gillingham reading, writing and comprehension curriculum that is available worldwide for parents, tutors, teachers and homeschoolers of struggling readers. Karina has an extensive background in working with students of all ages and various learning modalities. She has spent many years researching learning differences and differentiated teaching practices. You can reach her by email at info@pridereadingprogram.com or visit the website at www.pridereadingprogram.com