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Happy National Reading Month!

Here at PRIDE Reading Program, we get excited about any event that promotes literacy. And since March is National Reading Month, we’ve created a free resource for use in the home or classroom! It’s full of leveled books and great games to increase your child’s enthusiasm for reading and their reading skills.

How to Celebrate Reading With Struggling Readers

National Reading Month might not seem like much fun for struggling readers, or for busy parents and teachers. But creating effective resources that are easy to teach is what PRIDE Reading Program is all about! So we’re offering this free collection of leveled books and great games to make celebrating National Reading Month fun for all young readers and simple for parents and teachers.

This little guide is packed with ideas, and tackles some of the most common questions about supporting struggling readers at home, including:

How Do I Help My Child Become a Stronger Reader During Read-Aloud Time?


The advice to read to your child daily is almost a universal part of parenting these days. However, for students with certain learning disabilities, no amount of being read to is going to magically make reading “click.”

This guide includes lots of low-prep and no-prep games to play with your child while you’re reading, regardless of your child’s reading level or the skills they are working on. With these great games, you can encourage your child to develop critical skills in a low-pressure way. Your child will practice rhyming, phonemic awareness, syllabication, and reading comprehension.

How Can Reading Levels Help Me Choose Books to Read at Home?

Your child’s reading level is the level at which they can read with little to no help. However, you and your child can still read books at their reading level together! This is a great way to help struggling readers build confidence and practice important reading skills. If you aren’t sure of your child’s reading level, here’s a quick and easy way to find it:

In our guide, we have organized reading levels by grades. However, please use whichever books are the right fit for your child no matter which grade they are in.

Which Books Should I Be Reading With My Child?

There are thousands and thousands of incredible children’s books out there! But figuring out which books are at your child’s reading level, interesting, and entertaining can take hours of research. We’ve done the work for you and included fantastic books to check out at every reading level.

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