What kind of student will benefit from the PRIDE program?

All students benefit from the PRIDE Reading Program.   It is a powerful primer for all students and an intervention for the students with delayed or non-existing reading skills due to language based processing disorders or disabilities including dyslexia,  auditory processing,  speech deficits and other learning differences.

My student has received specialized reading lessons before, will I see similar or better results with PRIDE?

While every student learns at their own pace, with the PRIDE Reading Program,  you should see improved results.   With PRIDE you have unlimited monthly access to the program with your monthly subscription.   It is up to you to decide how often your student has lessons.   With the PRIDE Reading Program, your student’s progress is not limited to a tutor’s schedule or your budget.

What if I don't have the time to be the tutor? Can I hire a tutor to teach the PRIDE Reading Program for me?

Yes!   Local tutors can teach the PRIDE Reading Program.   Before they start, have them watch the provided training videos on the components of the program and method.  Then,  all they have to do is read an easy to follow program script and use the included level Student  Workbook and materials.  If your tutor can read a script and pronounce the sounds that make up the English language, they can teach the PRIDE Reading Program. They will need wifi / internet access and a browser device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) to access the Teacher’s Guide.

What if I am not a teacher? How do I know I will be able to teach my student the PRIDE program?

Read the following sentences aloud.  “The name of this letter is a.  What is the name of this letter?   The picture card for letter a is apple.  Say apple. Good.  When I point to the picture word, say the letter’s name, give its sound and say the picture word.  Watch me as I demonstrate.”  Say  a, /ă/, apple then have student repeat 3 times.    How did you do?  Congratulations, you can teach the PRIDE Reading Program!  

Orton-Gillingham tutors and programs can be very expensive. Can I afford the PRIDE Reading Program?

Yes!  Our number one goal in creating the PRIDE Reading Program was access and affordability.   The PRIDE Reading Program cost per month is less than what you would typically pay for an hour or two with an Orton-Gillingham trained tutor.