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If your child has dyslexia, help is available. At Pride Reading Program, our dyslexia tutors are specifically trained on instructing children who struggle with reading, writing, and spelling — from those with no ability to those who are just a bit behind.

What Is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a hereditary learning disability that significantly impacts someone’s ability to read, write, spell, speak, think, and listen. In particular, dyslexic individuals struggle with recognizing the specific phenomes in a word. This situation makes it difficult for a dyslexic person to accurately recognize words, whether spoken or written.

What Are the Symptoms?

The symptoms of dyslexia can vary by age. For example:

  • A preschooler may be a late talker and struggle with pronunciation, rhyming, and learning the days of the week.
  • A school-age child may not display a dominant hand, may write illegibly (including a lack of punctuation and grammar), and may have difficulties tracking lines on a page.
  • A teenager may act like they don’t care about school or doing homework and may tend to skip small words when they read and write.

Many people who struggle with dyslexia tend to avoid reading and writing as much as possible, and when they do read and write, they don’t usually notice spelling errors.

How Is Dyslexia Treated?

People who have dyslexia should be put in a dyslexia tutor program as soon as possible, preferably when they are a young child. This early tutoring can give them a boost in their treatment, and they may deal with fewer — and milder — reading and writing difficulties as they get older.

At Pride Reading Program, our dyslexia tutors use the Orton-Gillingham method. This program focuses on repetition and sequential building. Students will develop skills one at a time, and they will regularly review past lessons to ensure continued success.

If your child suffers from dyslexia, contact us today at (866) 774-3342 or fill out our contact form below. Our dyslexia tutors can help your child read, write, and speak with accuracy and confidence.

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