Congratulations! You have completed our PRIDE Introduction & Training Course! The next step is to see how PRIDE Reading Program can be incorporated into your classroom, school, or district. Check out our main School Page for more information.

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How to Get Started with the PRIDE Reading Program

1: Purchase Instruction Kit

Each teacher or classroom will need an Instruction Kit. The kit includes the instructor’s materials and training needed to teach PRIDE. If more than one instructor will be teaching in a classroom at a time, you will need additional PRIDE Sound Cards and Letter Tiles for each instructor. (Student Workbooks are sold separately.)

2: Complete the PRIDE Online Training

You have completed the PRIDE Online Training course. If there will be additional Instructors teaching with PRIDE, they will need to complete the training course included with the Instruction Kit. The PRIDE Reading Program Training course will teach them everything they need to know to teach the PRIDE Reading Program.  

3: PRIDE Placement Assessment 

 Use the PRIDE Placement Assessment to determine what level is best to start your student(s). 

4: Order Your Student’s Workbook

After you’ve placed your student, it’s time to order or distribute your level workbooks to each student receiving PRIDE instruction. PRIDE workbooks are available as non-copiable consumables or our new student licensed eBooks are available for use with your provided touchscreen internet connected device.

5: Start Teaching PRIDE

Once your workbooks arrive, you are ready to start teaching your student(s)! 

PRIDE Instruction Kit

Your PRIDE Instruction Kit includes PRIDE Sound Cards, PRIDE Letter Tiles, Activity Kit, Primary ONLINE Teaching Guide bundle, and optional Elementary ONLINE Teaching Guide bundle. (Workbooks sold separately!)

Still need help with what materials you will need for your school or classroom?

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