1-to-1 Orton Gillingham Tutoring in Reading, Comprehension and Writing for children below grade level and children who have learning differences.

PRIDE Learning Center offers an extremely effective reading program for students who struggle with reading, writing, spelling and comprehension strategies. Our specialized one-to-one tutoring program is research-based and creates independent and confident students. At PRIDE Learning Center we are proudly committed to each student, each family, and each outcome.

We have locations in Redondo Beach, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, San Clemente and Yorba Linda (Summer Center) California. We also offer Online, On-Site and In-Home Tutoring.


Reading Tutoring

PRIDE’S reading and spelling program is action oriented and involves constant interaction between our Reading Specialists and your child.  Each student at PRIDE learns to read in a systematic, cumulative, structured and step-by-step process. Each lesson encompasses the skills of decoding, encoding, fluency and reading comprehension.  Your child will become a strong and independent reader.


Comprehension Tutoring

 PRIDE’S highly successful research-based Reading Comprehension Program teaches students to draw meaning from text through visualization and other multisensory strategies and to express their understanding of it. By learning to comprehend, your child will be prepared to engage in classroom material in all subject areas.


Writing Tutoring

PRIDE’S multisensory writing program teaches writing one step at a time. We effectively teach the essential skills in writing in careful order: from parts of speech, to sentence structure, to paragraphs, to complete essays.

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